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melissa_risakon [userpic]

it's been a long time~

December 25th, 2010 (02:08 am)

ohaa~ it's been a long time.. kkk
suddenly i remember my lj...

i'm using ameblo, twitter and tumblr more kkkkkkk

it's Christmas~

OHAA~ i spent my holiday watching drama all night~ lol.....

melissa_risakon [userpic]

moving blog!

October 28th, 2009 (09:24 pm)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: thankful

melissa is moving to AMEBLO

melissa_risakon [userpic]

my pupe

September 9th, 2009 (04:02 pm)

current location: singapore
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: artistic
★♪♬ カレント♭ ソング♩ ♫ ★: TRAX ~ Rhapsody

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
by poupeegirl<input ... ></input><input ... >


melissa_risakon [userpic]

melissa's day~

September 4th, 2009 (01:13 am)

current location: room, home, singapore
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: bouncy

An entry from my ameblo~!Collapse )

i love pasta so much~!

i can eat pasta for a week without get bored of it~!


i want to try a real pasta from Italy~ (it's from Italy right??) XD

Asian pasta is great but i really want to try the original...

ohaaa im going to online pigg~

so bai bai~!

ohaa before i go, here's video of Boys Before Flower parody by FTIsland~

hihihihi last time i posted the BIGBANG version.. so it's FTIsland version now~

FTIsland look like a kid version of BBF~ hihihi so cute~

and Honggi's hair makes him looks like Junpyo here... Top did it well too i think...


<input ... ><input ... >


<input ... ></input><input ... >

melissa_risakon [userpic]

my days... from my ameblo~! hihihi

July 13th, 2009 (06:20 pm)
current location: home

ohaa..yesterday i tried a strawberry coffee ice blended with pearl~ hihihi

i thought it would come out pink in color.. but.......... just a normal coffee color...v.v

hmmm i always love to try new fun food~!('-^*)/


my last meal was CURRY CRISPY CHICKEN~!


人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-curry crispy chicken~

it'll be better if it's more spicy... i love spicy curry~!LOVE

i love spicy food ~!LOVE


waaaa... i wana go to japan~! a lot of good and tasty food there~!じゅる・・


ohaa... saturday i bought a new hair bow~かえちゃんへ

it's bigger den the one i bought before but.........in cheaper price~


人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-my new hair bow~

it's pale pink~! i like it... and the one i bought before is hotpink~

hmm maybe i should buy another color instead...(。・ε・。)


hmm i also thinking of cutting my hair.. 美容院but still have no idea what hair style should i get...

i want it still long but new style should be great!ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ

new color as well.... any suggestions?? リラックマ

ohaaa... i just remember i have homework!!!

i have to find foundation colors for warm and cold skin color~!

deadline will be wednesday~!ガクリ


my sister is coming this friday and maybe i will not going for my afternoon hair class..

yes i will missed a lot but i think a few miss a few hour won't kill me.. so nevermind~

i got to practice more~!


ohaa.. pigg time~!


tamamii is my doll!!! so cute~!


tomo and tama CHU!


it's tomo gf's room and he was naked on her bed with girl and chuu all the time!

so bad! XD


tama will do the cleaning... hihih cute~! she finally could reach it~


tamami was smiling! so cute~!

sawako??? XD


they chu non stop!

yuhuuu,,, and it was in my room~!




tomo has mouse mouth??? hihihihihi

ohaa.. im gona write more later on~!

see you guys~!

i love everybody~!

minna daisuki~!ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

a few days ago when i was walking and about to reach my home, i saw this cute cat... and it was always at the same place at about the same time.. so cute and looks lonely all the time...

when i saw it that day,, i decided to take photo of it... anyway, i don't know if its a female or a male.. hihihi

this is it's photo~!


with food! somebody feed! cute~*milk*

ohaaa.. friday was our hair course day~!

i was being a model that day~! so good to have a hair done free~! hihihi

and not by student but expert did it~ hihihihi

here are some photos~

人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-hair done

the look from left~

((just ignore the color of my root!!( ´艸`) its black hihi i need to get a hair color soon~!))

人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-hair done

the look from right ~

人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-hair done

and from behind~! hihihi

after school me and sister went to takashimaya and there was food fair there~

mostly are japanese food but thats great! e love japanese food~Wハート

and i saw one stand selling japanese snack, chocolate and cookies~

i saw this rilakkumaリラックマ starwberryハート snack~!

i love rilakkuma and i love strawberry flavour~!*【ハート】*

人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-kuma kuma~!

kuma daisuki~! ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ

ohaa... saturday went to have lunch at Pasta Cafe~ and i tried a pasta with squid ink sauce~

yes it's black!! hihihi it taste really good~!

i love it`!

人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-black pasta~! squid ink!


a latte with hazelnut~ loveeeヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-hazel latte

i love coffee~!


after lunch we went to suntec,, had a meeting there.... hihihihihi

i feel like proffessional...( ´艸`)

it was until about 4i think..~

then we went to orchard~!

went back actually~ hihihihi

ohaaa... me and sister went to Bakerzin Deluxe~ and

had some tea with macarons~

人人Ё£IsSα★ЯiS∀★コーナー-rose and sakura macarons

they only had sakura and rose macarons~ but thats ok because those flavours are actually our favourite.. hihihi rose especially~!薔薇

im home now!!!!!!!! hihihihihi.... minna daisuki~!

ohaa,, here ar esome pigg photos of yesterday~

yuhuuuu minna daisuki`~!

i went to toon-hikaru place~!

here are tho photos~ i was sitting~


i was sitting there and he sudenlly sit next to me.. so i had the chance to take photo~ hihihi lucky


so many people there.. but all very fun and very cute~ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


and then took pic with taka~!

taka is very nice and kind~! we love him~! so happy to have friend like him~!

i cant wait to see taka on magazine,, hihihi,, and he said the photo is on rollercoaster with funny face.. hihihi i really have to get that edition!≧(´▽`)≦


taka ganbatte~! you will make it to holliwood~ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

then i went to yusa's home~

and here are some photo of us~


fashion malfunction! we have no pretty clothes there so we wore all our ugly clothes together..

hihihihi looks funny~


mini us with formation~!

i love you guys~! all very kawaii~


minna daisuki~ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


melissa_risakon [userpic]

##Risa The Gal##

May 15th, 2009 (11:19 pm)

current location: home
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: sleepy



melissa_risakon [userpic]


May 14th, 2009 (10:30 pm)

current location: AT HOME
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: awake
★♪♬ カレント♭ ソング♩ ♫ ★: NOTHING


today went to the cinema and watch DIVE~


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I think this movie is so much better than the gugu cat i watched a few days ago

that movie was totaly boring and i only can feel the loser feeling there,..


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##Risa The Street Gal##

May 14th, 2009 (12:25 pm)

current location: home
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: curious


melissa_risakon [userpic]


May 13th, 2009 (12:26 pm)

current location: home
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: awake



melissa_risakon [userpic]

helo,, im back

May 13th, 2009 (11:20 am)
current location: grangford apartment (home)
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: awake
★♪♬ カレント♭ ソング♩ ♫ ★: bird singing

ohaa,, melissa is back~!
gona do some changes and update my lj more often~
miss everyone here~!

lots of things needed to be fixed here,,T_T
1. my layout (maybe im gona change it)
2. my avatars...
3. my links
4. my profile
5. community i joined~
6. making more friends~
7. welcoming pupe friend's lj~

melissa_risakon [userpic]


May 24th, 2008 (05:19 pm)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: blah

melissa_risakon [userpic]

national exam is over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

May 24th, 2008 (05:07 pm)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: optimistic

my national exam is over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, finally,, hahaha,,,XD

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My Celebrity Look-alikes

April 15th, 2008 (06:15 am)

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Blank family tree - Genealogy software

melissa_risakon [userpic]


March 24th, 2008 (01:46 am)

tons of quizezCollapse )

Your Brain is 73% Female, 27% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

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Unique and creative, you seek your own path in life.

You love change and are able to adapt to any situation.

Your soul reflects: Sweetness, joy, and a complete life.

Your gemstone: Emerald

Your flower: Lily of the Valley

Your colors: Yellow, red, and green

Your Hidden Talent

You have the power to persuade and influence others.

You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.

The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.

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You Are "Kiss"

All American Kid

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Plus you probably smell and taste pretty darn good.

You Are a Candy Heart

You're definitely a pro when it comes to romance - and you have great dating etiquette.

Plus you probably smell and taste pretty darn good.

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melissa_risakon [userpic]

yooo, holiday

March 22nd, 2008 (12:57 am)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: blah

EXAM IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS HOLIDAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh ya,,MODAY we took our INDONESIAN LANGUAGE paper,,, it was freaking hard, really,,
i gt my paper done very quickly and just left the class,, i saw some ppl answers and they answered all differently, hahaha,,,
I was standing in front of His class waiting for my friends to finish their paper,,

tuesday was JAPANESE,,, it was damn difficult,,, but  yea,, at least i was still able to do it BYmySELF! and most of my clssmates copied my answers,,, OMG that time i still hepled Juven,,,
our class 11ipa2 was like a big mess,, and we DID enjoy it!!!!
hhm,, oh ya,, early inn the morning as i arrived at school,,, we had our morning prayer hold at the schoolyard,,,
principal was so angry,, know why??!! cos all 4 class of 11ipa only write like this ...
dear Logika teacher
please dun think that we dun appreciate u but we really duno what u have taught us til now,, bla bla bla,,,
and didt answer anything............................................

oh ya,, after Japanese paper,, all 12th grade had to be assemble at the school hall,,, cos principal wanted to tell us about all the exam stuffs,,
we dun really care what she said,, and everyone was busy wif their own stuff,,,,  and this stupid talks is just a big fat waste,,,,,,,,
then they let us go home at 1.30,,,, OMG ,, we supposed to be release at 12!!!!!!! and all the juniors were hommy already,,, except for his group!!!!!!!
hahahhhhhhahaaaaahhahahahaha i was so lucky to get the chance to meet him for the whole day,,, hahahahha very cute cute eh,,,

AFTER SCHOOL,,,, me, cc, dd, ez went out,, shopping shopping,,, and shopping,,, as usual,,, me n ez came first and we met some schoolmates which i actually dun really know them,,, then we met Ale and the gal and some friends together wif them,, hahahah
then we also saw Simon,,Ming,,,,,and many more,,, UH,,, UH,,,
OH YEA,, ME N EZ ALSO SAW A VERY SUPPER REALLY DUPER SKINNY THIN LONG BLAH EMO GUY,, wearing a black skinny jeans wif a super skinny leg,, i laughed like duno whadd,,,, hahahahah,,,,,,,XD

melissa_risakon [userpic]

i am 64% naughty..

March 17th, 2008 (04:41 pm)

km itu anak parah ato ngga selama 1 tahun ini?  
cobaa test deh!!

[1]ga ngrjain pr brturut2 slama 4 kali
[2]prnh kabur jam pljaran
[3]makan/minum dalam kelas
[5]bawa hape

total= 5

[7]disuruh keluar dari kelas
[8]sms-an jam plajaran
[9]baju kluar dari rok/celana
[ ]disetrap

so far= 9

[ ]ngerokok
[ ]jalan2 d sekolah nyeker
[ ]nyeramahin guru
[ ]ciuman di sekolah

so far= 10

[ ]ke tmpat clubbing
[ ]clubbing
[ ]minum alchohol
[11]hang out sampe 10 malem
[12}ketiduran pas ulangan

so far = 12

[13]lolos dari penyitaan hape
[14]ga bawa buku pelajaran
[15]ngerayu guru biar ga dihukum
[16]potong poni sendiri
[ ]banting hape

so far= 16


kalikan dengan 4

melissa_risakon [userpic]

i am 10% Stress, 100% Creative, 20%sadistic

March 17th, 2008 (04:23 pm)

( ) berpikran untuk bunuh diri
( ) merasa nggak punya tmen
( ) sering nangis
(1) sering marah2
( ) sering diem di pojokan
( ) sering bengong bengong
( ) nggak bisa tidur tiap malem
( ) sering merasa nggak diinginkan
( ) merasa ada yg kurang di hidup ini terus menerus
( ) lbih sering bad mood dari pada
good mood
total = 1 x 10% = 10%

Imaginative/ Creative

(1) bisa mbuat ssuatu yg baru dari benda benda lama
(2) main petak umpet ngga pernah ngumpet di tempat yang sama
(3) suka nonton film2 fantasi
(4) kalo bengong mikirnya jauh kmn mana2
(5) tiap hari pasti ada aja yg dibayangin
(6) kalo mimpi suka ngga kira2 anehnya..
(7) pas ngisi bulbo lg ngebayangin ssuatu
(8) kalo diceritain bisa ngebayangin ceritanya latar blakangnya kaya apa
(9) suka ganti topik pembicaraan
(10) suka design design
total = 10x 10% = 100%

( ) kalo marah ancamannya "gw bunuh lo"
( ) sering ketawa2 kalo liat joke sadis (kepala copot etc)
( ) ngga takut dimarahin ortu
( ) tau cara bunuh orang secara sadis supaya orangnya mati dalam kesakitan
( ) prnh bercita2 jdi pmbunuh byaran
(1) pernah sebel sm org
(2) dari shade2 merah, paling suka warna merah darah
( ) suka nonton film2 sadis
( ) suka bercanda cekek2an, tusuk2an, bunuh2an ,tapi pura2..
( ) merasa pngen bunuh orang terus menerus
total= 2 x 10% = 20%

melissa_risakon [userpic]

" 80% fashionholic , 50% music addict , 90% popular"

March 17th, 2008 (04:15 pm)

(1) pernah pake shawl/keffiyeh                                   
(2) selalu baca majalah bwt liad
perkembangan mode
(3) bisa mix and match baju
(4) punya skinny jeans
(5) gq mau pake baju lama
(6) sering belanja
(7) seneng k mangdu,mal dan factory
( ) sering belanja online
( ) gq mau keluar rumah kalo belom oke
(8) langsung bad mood kalo ada yg
bilang jelek
total = 8 x 10% = 80 %

(1) HP kamu nyimpen banyak lagu
( ) headset gq pernah ketinggalan
( ) download lagu buat dmasukkin k iPod
(2) memory minimal buat hp/mp3
player/iPod 2 gb
(3) tiap hari pasti dengerin musik
(4) can't live without music
( ) pas ngisi bulbo lagi dengerin lagu
( ) sering nonton MTV
(5) selalu update lagu2 di HP/mp3
( ) tau lagu2 baru
total = 5 x 10% = 50%


(1) punya banyak temen diluar sekolahan
(2) sering SMSan sm temen2
(3) punya geng
(4) punya acc
(5) friends d FS 500
(6) begitu sign in MSN langsung bnyak
yg manggil
( ) sering jalan ma temen2 dr luar
(7) gq pernah sendirian di kelas
(8) selalu dapet kelompok buat bikin
(9) sekarang lg SMSan sama tmen
total= 9 x 10% = 90%

post as " ..% fashionholic , ..% music
addict , ..% popular"

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March 15th, 2008 (05:17 pm)
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: wadever

yo yo yo~!! Its the 6th day of exam,, 2 days more,,, uhh,,  next wed holiday will start,, and im gona spend my entire holiday in boredom,,
yeah i know that///
NO school means MORE sleep,,
NO school means MORE time for inet
NO school means MORE relax
NO school ALSO means MORE time for smsing and calling friends
         which ALSO means MORE money will fly away like 'syuuunnggg' mostly like that sound,,,XD
NO school ALSO means MORE time to be spent at home and yea i cant meet my friends so often,,
NO school ALSO means MORE time to be spent out of school
         which ALSO means I cant see him,, uh yea,, nevermind,,
i hve to enjoy it anyway,,,

today as a arrived at school,, i really felt like OH MY GOD i have a lot"fat" of fans approaching me ,, it was like a big crowd suddenly came and attacked me,,  (not really,, hahaha,,, they attacked me wif a lot of questions and beg me for english paper,, hahaha),,
yeaa, it was english exm today,, and i wrote all the answers of 50 nums and passed it to Chris (we did paper exchange,,XD hahahA)  and they passed it around the whole class,, and Raldie got cranky yeaa,, ill-tempered,,, cos of what??! AChied took the answer paper for so so so long and when she wanted to pass it to him,, the teacher saw it,, hahaha,,  i duno, i only know that i have already passed it around~!! i even passed more than one,, XD

gahahha,, i've gt the chance to talk to him,, haha  he was nervous,, bt still very cute cute errhh,,,
sem said he wunt lend his phone to anybody except his buddies,, but i think sem was just too finically FINICKY curmudgeonly cross-grained person in nature,, he is naturally like that anyway,,  HE LENT IT TO ME~! OMG ! and when i was about to leave i asked him if maybe i could borrow it again on monday,,, and he said YES~! OH such a gd sweet guy,, hahahaXD what else can i say??XD

my shoes!! my shoes!!!!!!!!!!! my blckie punkie skol shoes are wet!!!! cos of rain,,,T_T
uh uh,,,

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5th day of exam~!

March 14th, 2008 (05:07 pm)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: excited

uha, many ppl around me gt sick,, whos next??
i dun wana gt sick,, haha,

oh ya,, exam exam,, the 5th day~! yay 3 days left,, and im gona enjoy my holiday~!
today i arrived at 7++,, and yeaa,, im late,, bt no punishment,, hahaha,, i think those teachers love me too much,,XD
oh ya, in this case its gd to be late,, so i can wash my eyes,,XD hahaha,,XD
Pkn exam started half an hour earlier than usuall,, OMG,, i was still studying and yea plus joking, talking, laughing, disturbing my friends, playing, blebleble when the teacher came,, uuhhkk,,,

yup yup,, i ust can say that im so happy today,,
next time ill write some more,,
i dun have tie now,,,

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4th day of exam~!

March 13th, 2008 (03:39 pm)
★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: awake

heyheyhey~! its the 4th day of exam,,
finaly  MATHEMATICS ~ I love maths,,cos i no need to be at home sitting down there with  book open right in front of me wif NERDYgeeky serious face and my mouth keep SINGING out loud the lesson ((yeaa i do it in order to memorize things)) i cant memorize thing quietly,,
uh,, yeah the first 3 days finally over and more importantly i have DONE the 3 most KILLER subjects which are ECONOMY+GEOGRAPHY+SOCIOLOGY,, YOOO lets call it "TRIO DIEDIE"the most killer subjects,, haha,, just ignore my nonsensical,,,
oha,, i took almost 2 hours to gt my maths paper done,,, bt i think i will manage to pass it~ ((at least pass,, haha))

oh ya,, im having my lubly coffee at the moment,, i feel like having some more,, maybe one more cup,, "NO!! I SHOULDN'T,, HAHAHA,,,"
OK,, nevermind back to the topic,,

its HISTORY exam tomorrow,, oh ya,, and PKN --->> pkn is about hhmm,,, politic and law, maybe. hmm not really,, it talks about what happen and the world and the country and....... (ok, i just dun get the correct word to explain what it is exactly,,,)
if History is about past then PKN is about now,, They actually about the same thing,,,,
uh im gona study soon,,

oha,, i really wana eat chocolate so badly,, uh,, talk abt choco reminds me of valetine's day,, the day when i gt my stomach feel like!@#$%%^ cos i ate too much choco,,
and yea i gain weight as well,,,
almost all my classmates gave me and some juniors also,,,,  and i ate all of them,, hahaha,,, not all actually,, i still left some ((the one i dun like)) oh ya,, and worst thing  is i brought some choco ppl gave me to the chocolate exchange party at church a few day after v-day,,
i think most of the ppl in this world would to the same thing if they are in the same situation as me,, common,, that time i didnt have time to buy presents, the party was just so sudden,,, haha,, i will not do the same thing next year,, i promise,,,
v-day i went to school and guess what,,, i just wasted my sleep time cos we didnt have any lesson AT ALL and only party,, rex king and queen (whatever),, band performance,,,,,blax,,,  
haha,, no 12th grade participatedon the king and queen,,, all juniors,,, and i have no idea how they chose those king and queen,, haha,, how come they didnt choose that handsome one,, :P hahaha,, the band performance was not bad but the sound system killed my ears,,,
i just sitting down and washing my eyes (in this context means manage to see him) cos he was parking(means just standing near my seat for a very long time doing nothing) around there for the whole day,, hahaha.. so gd,,  oh ya,, some teachers were playing table tennis right behind us and the ball hit us many times,, haha,,

OK,, back to the topic,,,
i arrived at school quite late,, the morning prayer almost ended,,  i think its 7 already,,, and i had to CLIMB til level 3 the 4th class  from the stairs,, hahahaha,,,  morning jogging  uh~
i passed his class,, so cute cute,, hahahXD nonsense,,,
oh ya,, i forgot to bring my phone and PENCIL CASE~ common how come i didnt bring it in exam time,,
 i just realized how slovently WANTON i am,, uh uh,, Luckily CC lent me pencil,, and i gt my eraser from DD,, haha,, thxx sob~ i love u guys

hhmm,, just ignore if u find any mistakes spelling or whatever,, im just too lazy to check it,,

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March 11th, 2008 (03:17 pm)

random pict,,,,


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exam day2

March 11th, 2008 (03:11 pm)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: blah

my second day of exam~!
hhmm,,, yesterday was my first day and OMG,,,, economy n accounting,,, uuhhh damn difficult,,
econ was quite ok,, bt accounting.....hehehhee,,, nt just difficult,, when i read the question and the table and the account name and the credit and the journal and wadever,, only one think in my mind,, BLANK-EMPTY-0-DUNO-WHAD??-ee?-noIDEA........... I REALLY CANT STAND INDONESIAN ACCOUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 THEY ARE JUST TOO traditional and old-fashioned and complicated and  and AND AND I JUST DUN LIKE IT,,,, uhh accounts is used to b one of my fave subjects,, bt sing and indo are different~...yea,,
IM nt taking exam in my class~~ im 12social2 ~
yooo,, they mix half of us wif half of another class from different grade and different stream,,, im in 11science2,, uuhh,, i have to CLIMB the stairs till level 3 (from the ground),,,,, bt yeah i love to be there cos his class right beside my class,, hahahahaha,,,, do u know the meaning of "washing my eye" its...hhm.... to see something nice/interesting ((just watch it and enjoy))... -including a guy-,, hahaha,,,,
forget it,,,
hhmm,, today,,, sociology exam.... sosiology is just like social studies in singapore,,,
umhh dis  exam is so tough..................................................................................................................

me, ezi n dd's convo
ezi  : "i feel like its so funny when i think of ur type,, ehm,, each of u :p "
me : "oh really??? so do i... hahahaha.. especially ur type :D ,,, if DD's one just so normal,, sometimes good bt smtimes eewww"
ezi :  "hahahahaha,, yea,, i think ur type is the funniest and IS A big NO for me,,"
        "til now i cant get dd's real type,, hahahaha,,,"
me : "yea yea,,"
ezi : looking at me "Iyahh,, ur one is TALL,BIG..........."
me : "whatever,,,hahaha ur one is SMALL AND SKINNY like makhluk halus" hahaha ((jux ignore this convo))
         "just look at KLONTANG (sound of skeleton walking) and ur ex,,EZ!"
dd : "yes!! waw so skinny,,,"
me : "yea yeaa,,,iihhh i dun like small guy"
ezi : "is it??? i think they are ok"
me : "haha,, my skinny is ur normal,,, my normal is ur fat~ hahaha"
yooooooooooooo.. diffrent ppl different type even for a best good bestest friends like us

im aeating TIRAMISU DONUT ... YUMMY~~~

OH YA,, today the teacher check our sitting position and yea Juven (my junior  sit net to me) had to move to his real position,,

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nah? im back~!

February 22nd, 2008 (05:46 pm)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: blank

Risa is back~!
its been a very loooong while since the last time i updated this journal,,
hhmmppphhh,,, OMG,, a few things i really dun like to see here (((means need to be repaired))) are...
1. all my avatars (((old picts of me,, i've changed a lot... hahaha)))
2. i currently don't have any header,, and i realized that lj's setting and "everything here" is different now... i don't know how to fix my lj look and feel,,,
3. i forget how to use lj,
4. i've lost contact with everybody here,,
5. my english is getting worse..
bla bla blax

where should i start with??
oha~! i stayed in singapore last time,,, but 14th of july i came back to my hometown ((Manado,Indonesia))
continue my beautiful life here and of course my school life,, I started my school on 16 and OMG,,, I really couldn't stand my new school,,i couldn't stop comparing my old school and this new school,, the building, classrooms, teachers, the environment, the location, EVERYTHING worse than before,,,, hahaha,,, i judged my new school by the look. yeah,, actually it's not a new school for me,, i used to study there a few years ago,, but i myself have already felt like home in singapore,, that's why i found that i can't bear the situation of my new school,, i don't know why,, i just felt like everything was worse than what i've thought before,,
the teacher are so proud,, too much subjects which are absolutely not important,, i chose wrong stream because i wanted to be at the same class as my old friends ((i'm actually better in maths and science than humanities subjects but i chose social program which offers more humanities subjects like geography, social studies, economy, accounting, etc instead)),, and many other frustrating things
as the time goes by,,, i can enjoy my new school,, i don't even want to graduate!!! i still want to be there!!
i love my school,, i love my friends,, hahahahhahaa.. i know it sounds strange,,but it does happen!
hahaha,, i still can't do humanities subject and yeah my Indonesian is really damn awful but at least i have my buddies who are always ready to help me hahahahaha,,, teachers are not really bad,,, i finally have my favorite food at school canteen,,, i found a very cool place to idle or whatever u call a place where u sit and do nothing with friends,, from that place i can see the gate, 2 canteens, the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes,,, and lastly,, i have found a very handsome guy in this school,, haha,, i just think that he is handsome nothing more,, really my type and that's all,, hahaha,,

hummpphhh,,, i actually have so much things to write here but i don't know where i should start and which one first,, hahahah,,,and,, i don't have so much time now~!

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(no subject)

February 18th, 2007 (12:43 pm)

ohaa..long time no update...
i've been very busy lately..v.v
no inet
no time
ohaa.. i update my yaplog only..
i just feel like updating it..XD


bai bai..

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(no subject)

November 5th, 2006 (05:42 pm)

helo...waa..long time no update...T_T...

hhm... when should i start eh?...
23 oct -- ..no school ...
24 oct -- i read a newspaper ((the old issue))...i was searching for any flight to Manado ((its my hometown))..
i tot that i had seen that silkair has a promotion Singapore-Manado Manado-Singapore...and i was about to check it...
XD... and whoaaa... after searching i finally managed to find it...O_O..they really has!!! and it was the last day to book... whoaa..i was...OHMYYGAWWDD...... luckily the travel agent is very near my home...
yesterday i went to the travel agent and wanna book a ticket... in newspaper its written $200 only...but i still need to pay the taxes and service fee...then total for 2 tickets is $680..... and inside my posb account theres only $550...
and my BII card was wif my sister ((and we finished all the money there))...only posb and Mandiri card wif me...
but finally i be able to pay ..XXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDD...hahahahahaha... im such a wasteful person...TTT___TTT
i regret myself...

me n sis went to cine orchard... wanted to watch The sinking of Japan... but couldnt gt the ticket...XD
so we left cine then went to taka ...((hello kitty sale again...now then we bought a few Hello Kitty thinggy...))
then went to kino....XD.... ((cus both of us had no money...so we were not thinking about going shopping again...XXDD))
then we went to the isetan supermarket....XD...

ohaaa... at nite we went to see a flat.............i really want to move from my current house..TT__TT..
u kno chinatown.... its very crowded...hot...dry...dirty...and far from my school.... so im thinking about moving to somewhere near Bishan... and yesterday we went to see a HDB flat near Toa Payoh mrt.....
OMG..they ask for the same price wif my current room and the room is bigger than mine... looks like a hotel room wif such L size wardrobe... the bathroom is so comfortable and pretty... the kitchen is OMG more modern ....and the flat itself looks new ..clean...comfortable...and pretty-looking...XD...hahahaha...and that HDB looks like a Condo... at first i didnt expect that kind of HDB flat ... in my mind was... a normal kind of HDB flat... whoaaaa..there also has a pretty garden which i hav never had in my current place....alamak i live in chinatown lar...common....
we werewaiting for another girl decision... cus there only one guy staying der... so if she conform...then we also conform... cus she is older than us and sure it would be safer...^^... bt we finally made a decision not to move there.

25 oct -- d day of collection of report book
early in th morning my form teacher called me... and she said i've got promotion to sec 3 express...

ohaa so i went to school at about 11  ... arrived  there at 12 wif my guardian..T_T..
huh...me and guardian waited inside my school's general office for such a long time til my form teacher finally gave me my report book and said i no need to see vp already...cos she was very busy...... ((den she asked me to bring my guardian for whaaat???!!!!))
that day...at school i was like duno wad......... went here went there came here came there...met him ..met her...met that teacher see that teacher talked to him talked to her... OMG...very tiring... my mom called me non stop asked me abt money...do i have enough or not....my sister called me and asked abt her pin num...and she had no money to go home... my frends called me for duno how many times... frends sms me duno how many times......then when i was at home sister called me to go and accompany her home........ OMG.......

that day ..sudenlly Peter called me........ OMG........ his voice sounded like a really old man...scared me...
we talked for abt 1 hour til his phone gt no money...
OMG confession...

26 oct -- sec 2 camp!
i actually didnt wana go 2 sec 2 camp.. bt early in the morning... my form teacher called my guardian...
and .............i finally went to th stupid tiring sec 2 camp 4 3 days.......................
i waste my energy and time der.,,,,,,,,,,,,

28 oct -- came back from sec 2 camp........
hapi like duno what.........

29 oct -- shopping...relaxing...resting...
30 oct -- shopping... relaxing...resting...
31 oct -- eat non stop...................
my fren asked me to go eat and celebrate her bday............she lied........
it was not her bday...she jux oni had no fren to go out wif..TTT____TTT... XD..bt its ok nee..cus she treated me AJISEN RAMEN...\(^O^)/...then after that went to celebrate another fren's bday...
now he treated me SAKAE SUSHI.........den watched "THE SINKING OF JAPAN" at suntec.......XD...hahaha..
i ate like pig that day............
came back home at abt 7 ....
den ...OMG... confession...... wad d.....(_ _)m

1 nov -- went to skol ... our next year subject combination was out...........
XD... i gt P/C , HIST, POA, FNN...
went to J8 wif Emily....XD..hahaha..ate fish cake...XD
went to see a room at bishan...XD.. yay...very big room...

2nov --  went to school for math lesson... uhhkkss..
sickening day... i gt stomachache... i gt math lesson... my voice could not come out...T_T.i sounded like a monster...

3 nov --  went to skol at 1 wif my guardian to c my vp..T_T...for nothing... uhhkksss.....
went out wif sister.............

4 nov -- shopping shopping shopping....

5 nov -- today...
went to church.... tats all.............XD.. hahahahha....

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(no subject)

October 11th, 2006 (04:14 am)

hoffuu......finally i have enough time to update my lubli journal....
i have been missing all of u here... i miss u....T_T

ohaa....me final exam has started from 29 september....and dis friday will end...hoffu...
29 ---- mother tongue paper ((i take malay...))  {it was easy.....}
2   ---- english paper....  {difficult... and gt not enough time to anwser all the question...most probably -->fail}
9   ---- history.... {didnt answer 1 question and left it blank.... bt the rest were ok...}
10 ---- geography .... {die.................i didnt study.... and go shopping/watch movie instead}
11 ---- maths  .....{easy...bt nt enough time... i did the last 4 question in 15 mins.... and did the first 6 question in 1 hour!! stupid me...}
12 ---- science.....{havnt}
13 ---- maths paper 2...{havnt}

the rest 2 subjects are ok for me... ..hope could score well..T_T

ohaa.. last week was "n" level exam...and we were having a really good time at class while all the sec 4t and 4a takin their n...hahaha... teachers wasnt at class... me ..luki...xiao yuan..and kim se ung played our stupid games for the whole day.... for the whole week... gosshh..now... im sick and tired of that game...
and proven that xiao yuan is a loser....................lost for 8932746748times....and win the game for 4 times...

ohaa..last friday i went to marina square...and play...eat..shopping there.... i love that shopping mall...
hahaa.. i bought so many things till i hav no money..ahhahaha..XXXDDDDDD....new shoes...XD.~!yahoii...

ohaa.. den saturday me n sister went to orchard road only.... eat........play........shopping..hahahahah..XD
then monday went to cathay...watched DUPREE...!!.. i love that movie!!!
very funny...XD..silly...hahaa...nice nice!!!...hahahah..ohaa i cant wait for death note...
i think its coming soon....maybe next week..XD..yay!!
ohaa after watch movie... we went shopping...XD..hahaa...

and yesterday me and sister went to bugis.....and did the same things....eat...play...shopping...
i really hav no money now.... hahahahahah..XD...

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(no subject)

August 31st, 2006 (01:00 pm)

★ღ カレント♥気分ღ ★: grateful
★♪♬ カレント♭ ソング♩ ♫ ★: ARASHI - Raise Your Hands

hiess minna...

i miss all of u ........
sorry nee.. i havnt got enough time to update my lj....and visit ur lj...>_<
miss all of u....

ohaa exam has already ended last week...^^...
and yesterday i received my progress report
aaahh so happy nee... still need to work harder...
cos my literature and mother tongue has deteriorated...
but for the overall i satisfy enough...^^... and themost important things is that i got grade 1 for my english..
^^....im so happy.... i have been improving my english..^^....thanks for all my teacher and frens who always hepl me and teach me...
ohaa actually today i have to report at 8.30 at my school hall... we are having our cross-country today...
from about 9 to 11... but i didnt go to school today... i dun like to run...2 days ago i had PE lesson and yesterday also had PE lesson... and today i gt muscle pain.... couldnt go for cross-country... i hope my form teacher would not calls my guardian...

tomorrow is a teacher day, is it?
so our holiday will start from tomorrow til 10th of sept...11 school start...T_T... so short....1 week only ...ukhh...
but at least i can stay at home and relax...^^...can go out... go shopping....sleep late ...and wake up late..^^

ohaa bad news......
my final exam will start on 28th or 29th September for my English and mother tongue.
and maybe 2nd October for the other subjects.... aa.. i really have to work harder...start to revise everything from now
... ^^.. i dun want to make my parents sad.... i kno they would not show me that kind of expression even if i gt bad result.....i love my parents....

ohaa!!! about 5 or 6  more weeks to my loooong holiday....
im going back my country in  December nee..^^
ohaa and im thinking about taking Chinese and Japanese course after my final exam..^^
cos i love Japanese... and i need Chinese..XD...cos im the only chinese cannot speak...XD ahaha... all my fres laugh at me nee..XXXXDDDD
hahhaa...when go back my hometown... i will ask my grandma and grandpa to teach me chinese..XD
eee.... i miss my family!!!!

ohaa last week i bought GLAY feat. Himuro Kyosuke - ANSWER ^^...im so happy...
that cd is very cheap nee... ^^...

ohaa i want to make my own homepage nee...
any of u can help me to find a good place to create ...hhmm free XD nee...sankyu

ok... haha.. finally i can update my lj..^^
so happy....

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(no subject)

August 25th, 2006 (09:08 pm)


dis is risa...

nu lj..............

nu username nee..XD

will update soon.........

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(no subject)

August 22nd, 2006 (08:28 pm)

helo..risa is here..........

nu lj

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